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Christmas Day Terror Attempt

So, we’ve had the first Nigerian terrorist. I have to say I was shocked that a Nigerian would be persuaded to get into something like that. Even if he believed that the Western way of life is anathema to Islam (which I think is plausible), I’d always thought  we Nigerians loved ourselves WAY too much to  kill ourselves. I’d also thought we had more important things to think about like surviving, as well as having strong family connections (massively strong connections) which should stop anyone from trying to do this. I would hazard a guess that his wealth gave him the time to engage in wilful indoctrination of mindless junk (A good thing to know would be the economic profiles of suicide bombers to see whether there is any relation). Firstly, if you’re barely surviving, you spend your time looking for ways to continue surviving not listening to crackheads and secondly, you don’t have the opportunity to travel all over the world to listen to said crackheads and then attempt to commit suicide in exotic locations.

All in all, that man (or silly boy, he is pretty young, 23) is a massive idiot for squandering all he had given to him for something that doesn’t make sense to any truly religious person (no matter what religion you belong to).

This link has a good analysis of issues in Nigeria which could lead to home terrorism in Nigeria

It just so happened that this instrument of terror was a rich child, which is understandable because a less connected or wealthy Nigerian would have been unable to get the travel documents necessary to attempt such an act. But, Boko Haram is a clear and recent reminder of what poverty, lack of adequate education or options ( both not a factor in Abdulmutallab’s case), brainwashing and Islamic radicalization, and rich northern elites financing such endeavors can accomplish in little time.
Consequently, Nigerians must not forget the recent daunting figures that there are approximately 10 million child beggars of northern decent currently living miserable existences in a nation that supplies the world oil. These children, someday, could be rife for the murderous philosophies Abdulmutallab fell for, and he came from a wealthy northern elite family. That is a possibility that Nigerians must not allow to come to pass. And when one considers that additionally incredible numbers that 23mn of the nation’s youths are currently unemployable, unemployment stands at 28.57%,, schools are repeatedly on strike, basic amenities (reliable light, clean water, etc) are hard to come by and the nation’s leaders (its missing President included) prefer to spend the people’s money traveling to the tune of N2.7 billion*, Nigerians should not simply be troubled, or call on God for help. They should be upset, upset enough to collectively prevent their representatives from leaving the National Assembly without producing concrete results that are meaningful and measurable. As such, Nigerians must begin to make demands of their government to satisfy the role of a government and not deter/derail honest, hardworking citizens’ efforts to improve the nation, as is currently the case.

Politicians in Nigeria need to buck up and start acting in the interest of their constituents instead of looking only to their egos and wallets.

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT YAR’ADUA THINKS HE IS DOING LEAVING THE COUNTRY WITHOUT A BLOODY PRESIDENT although, I’m not at all certain that his presence would make anything better. It would just be a sign that the political elite are prepared to rule according to a constitution instead of making it up as they go along. I don’t know if he is scared that if he hands over temporarily the presidency would be taken from him forever (Jonathan Goodluck- “MWA HA HA HA”). I’m also hearing that there won’t be a Chief Justice until we have a president again (even on that I’m not sure he would be doing anything special for a while. This probably shows how highly I hold them- very).

I literally just saw this. Another religious sect (Kala Kato) in Bauchi has been involved in clashes with the security services. 37 dead.

Something really needs to be done in Nigeria about unemployment, poverty, lack of education among others before things get way out of hand.

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