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NEWSFLASH! Tories Don’t Have a Clue!

Firstly, it turns out there is no “Broken Britain.” Things have actually become better. (Economist Article). Next Left has a summary (Link)

Now The Economist has gone further and offered a fascinating and authoritative debunking of the broader "broken society" myth which has been David Cameron’s central argument about the condition of British society.
As the magazine concludes in its editorial, this story of broad decline is "simply untrue".

“Stepping back from the glare of the latest appalling tale, it is clear that by most measures things have been getting better for a good decade and a half.”

It is well worth reading both pieces in full. Here are a few snippets.


“The broken Britain of legend is one where danger stalks the streets as never before. In the real Britain, the police have just recorded the lowest number of murders for 19 years.”

violent crime

“violent crime has fallen too. It is now almost half what it was in 1995, and no higher than in 1981”

Teen pregnancy

“Teenage pregnancy is still too common, but it has been declining, with the odd hiccup, for ages. A girl aged between 15 and 19 today is about half as likely to have a baby in her teens as her grandmother was.”

(Not a lot of people knew that).
So can Cameron still talk about the "broken society"?
No credible response would seem possible on the facts.
To justify the portrayal of a "broken Britain" because it chimes with people’s perceptions is to defend inaccurate scare-mongering, while perpetuating the myth for partisan advantage. That doesn’t sound much like "social responsibility" to me.
Broken Britain. Even Boris knows its piffle.
If David Cameron sticks with his "broken society" language and theme, we will all know that he has the chutzpah to scare-monger and lie about the condition of Britain all the way through an election campaign too.


“Calamity Chris” Grayling ‘sexes up’ <fancy phrase for ‘massages’ which is a fancy word for ‘lies’ which is a fancy word for ‘bullsh*ts about’> crime statistics and gets absolutely body-slammed by everyone (one at a time of course, we’re British). <Mark Easton (BBC Home Affairs Editor), Senior Tory; Ian Duncan Smith, Left Foot Forward). I could go on, but you get the point.


George Osborne is just too stupid challenged in economics to be let anywhere near my measly student’s budget talk less of the government finances. The FT quotes the independent National Institute of Economic and Social Research: “There is no reason for tightening fiscal policy now. People are worrying about long-term debt problems when they should be worried about short-term output problems.”

Plus he doesn’t even know who works for him (Look at the time it takes for the reply to come back- 1 minute- at the bottom).




Maybe he thought, “Everyone wants to work for me. Richard Thaler, General Dannat. I’m sure I can just say it and he’ll come running. And anyway, even if he doesn’t come, no one will notice. I’m slippery Osbourne.” (Dannat later went from buddy to “it’s complicated.” Bless).

And then there’s this; George Osborne – the Tories’ little rich boy with an identity crisis. Someone make sure he doesn’t read that.

‘George is silly. George has poor judgment. George is unreliable. George is, to coin a phrase, a dolt. Can a dolt aspire to hold a great office of state?’ RIGHT-WING COMMENTATOR SIMON HEFFER…

And the omens aren’t good as he stakes his bid to run the British economy.

As one financial pundit put it: "He’s too weak, inexperienced and ill-informed about his subject. How could such a bumbling nonentity run the fifth biggest economy in the world?" As shadow chancellor, Osborne failed abysmally to offer a convincing argument about what he would have done with Northern Rock in 2007 (he opposed nationalisation) or how he would have saved RBS and Lloyds, and critics say he has never grasped the severity of the spending crisis.

The respected financial journalist Jeff Randall was scathing about him at the time: "As the situation becomes ever more serious George becomes increasingly flaccid. He’s not so much behind the curve as behind the curtain."

Even this week a blog on the pro-Tory Daily Telegraph website summed up feelings towards him after he unveiled his economic strategy for the general election: "How to judge Cabin Boy George? By the words that emanated from his mouth during the gravest financial crisis in a century. Namely: none." Few in the City will go on the record with their fears over Osborne’s unsuitability for high office in case it jeopardises a Tory victory, but David Buik, senior analyst at brokers BGC Partners, said: "I find it quite extraordinary that his only experience, in terms of business, industry or commerce, has been as a speechwriter at Tory Central Office and that he should be the chosen person to be the next Chancellor.

Finally; The next generation of Conservative MPs do not share David Cameron’s “professed commitment” to tackling climate change. In a survey of Conservative candidates in the most winnable 141 target seats for ConservativeHome covered in the FT, “Reducing Britain’s carbon footprint” was rated as the lowest priority, out of 19 policies. “Reducing the budget deficit” and “cutting red tape and regulation” were the top two. ConHome Editor Tim Montgomerie told the paper: “This is a hugely controversial issue for the Conservative party … It’s for Cameron to decide how he’s going to get out of this – he’s lost the battle already.”

80%- 90% of the Tory Party and 6 members of the Shadow cabinet don’t believe global warming is occurring. So we can all burn (literally) for all they care.


That’s all. For now…

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