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My Tuppence on the Middle East Peace Process [As it currently stands]

Last week Joe Biden, the US Vice President, visited Israel in advance of indirect talks with the Palestinians. However, he was welcomed by an announcement of new construction work. Apparently, this area was exempt from the freeze on construction but it is still a slap to the face of the US. Now, I’m no diplomat, but I think it’s common sense that you do not embarrass the negotiator who is also your guarantor just as negotiations are to begin. And you do not show that you are serious about negotiating by doing what the other side wants you to stop. It’s a bit like Tiger Woods hitting his sex addiction counsellor and then sleeping with some other woman- i.e. stupid.

Now you might (at least I would) expect this to be condemned by everyone and it was. By Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton and the Middle East Quartet (UN, EU, US and Russia) even Egypt (can’t find the link now). But then you get people (right-wingers mostly) like Melanie Philips saying “Obama Picks a Great Time to Throw Israel Under the Bus.”

All the way, Abe, all the way. And just when Iran is on the verge of getting the nuclear bomb with which it is threatening to destroy Israel and America, too. Great time to throw Israel under the bus, huh?

What did she expect!!! Firstly,the US has its Pride. Secondly, the US is supposed to be a negotiator. I don’t know how many negotiators she thinks sees one side not acting in good faith and doing the exact wrong thing and says “Aw, look at you. You did a doo-doo.” [Sorry about that]. The rebuke is even more necessary because the US is already viewed as being biased by the Palestinians. It would have been the absolutely wrong thing to do to let it go. It would have made the US look weak and craven to Israel which would definitely not help at the bargaining table.

Thirdly, she is taking two completely different things and linking them together– The Iranian nuclear programme and the Middle East process (let me finish). The only link between both of them is that Ahmadinejad has threatened to blow up Israel if he gets the capability and he’s stated the “occupation” of land by the Israelis as his reason. Now, I haven’t heard anyone saying that a successful peace process would turn Ahmadinejad from this incredibly foolish path and I don’t think anyone would ever say it. Whether there’s peace or not, the threat will still be there [Ahmadinejad’s a psycho]. Peace is not sought for anyone else’s sake other than Israel’s especially peace with her neighbours. I believe that once there is a peace agreement (difficult I know) with her neighbours Israel and the rest of the world can then focus on Iran.

You might say, you don’t expect the Palestinians to keep their end of the bargain (no rockets etc.). However, if there is a peace agreement, and Israel keeps its end does anyone think that the force of world public opinion backing Israel in any action it might deem necessary would not be an effective stick? Heck I would even suggest a name for it: Operation Everlasting Vengeance of God on Your Asses. Now, people can muster arguments that the Palestinians are just fighting for their rights. Once there is an agreement and Israel keeps its end, all those arguments could be and would be blown out of the water and there would be no sympathy for them that exists now.

In conclusion, I think that those who suggest that in the course of peace with Palestine, the US cannot rebuke Israel do not understand what negotiations are. And those who suggest that unfavourable things said to the Israelis in pursuit of peace with Palestine makes them more vulnerable to the Iranians are mistaken. They are two different issues. I think it’s probably better to solve one and then get on to the other.


[NB] She also suggests that

“America has provoked this crisis in order to stop Israel from attacking Iran because America itself will not stop Iran from getting the bomb.”

Is she CRAZY? [Why do right-wingers always see conspiracies where no one else sees them]. She might think many things about Obama (on which she would probably be wrong), but she should remember that he is not crazy, he’s probably cleverer than she is, and so he’s obviously clever enough to see that we have to stop a nuclear armed Iran from coming into existence [HECK EVEN I KNOW THAT].

I’m still unsure on the sensibility of attacking Iran. I can see how it would stop their nuclear effort, but I can just see it blowing up into a massive fistfight…. or at least handbags at dawn.

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