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Hilarious Obama Emails

Obama might be funny (Geez!! We haven’t met yet ‘cos my invitation hasn’t arrived). But I’m almost certain (haha) he’s not stupid enough to do this.

Guardian: All the president’s emails: White House staff; Joe Biden; President Hu Jintao

To: President Hu Jintao hu.jintao@gov.cn

Subject: Re: did you get my message?

Really? I guess it must have gotten lost somewhere. Did you check your spam folder? Or maybe you need to change your privacy filter settings from COMPLETELY PARANOID to SLIGHTLY LESS FREAKED OUT BY THE INTERNET. It was a clip of a panda smoking a pipe, for chrissakes. Best, Barack

That is from the Guardian’s “All the President’s Emails” Series. Check it out. It’s AWESOME. As well as slightly scary. You can just imagine someone actually sending that and creating the destruction of the world. (See what I did there CREATIVE DESTRUCTION and all).

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