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Does the Nigerian President Know the Opportunity Cost of Three Jets?


You heard it here sometime between first and last: The Nigerian President is getting three new jets at a cost of US$150 million (about N20 billion). There’s no news on the old one(s) but I call shotgun. I have to say that I’m proud that my president can now arrive at international summits without being made fun of by other world leaders; I wonder if they regularly vote him most likely to die on the plane ride back?

However, I’m pretty sure there are better things that could be done with 20 billion Naira such as funding next year’s elections for which they’re planning to borrow 88 billion naira. (??!?)

The decision becomes even more ridiculous when you look at decisions being made in other countries due to budgetary restrictions. To take Nigeria’s colonial overlords (UK) as a random example; David Cameron is now travelling with proles, including for his most recent trip to the US (see here) and according to a BBC journalist:

We are on the flight and the PM and his team have turned right and are slumming it in business class. “Welcome to the new austerity,” laughs an aide. They are spread out with nothing separating them from hoi polloi, at least those polloi who can afford business class.

Now, I’m not sure that Nigerians really expect their president to ride with them and we wouldn’t begrudge him the luxury of what is, on inspection, a small craft (above) but why three? The only reason is that his advisers need to travel with him, but they can make do with commercial business class and his top advisers can join him in the craft containing him. That saves 100 million naira which is not to be sniffed at!

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