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How do those celebs make us buy stuff?


Via Paul Kedrosky, “New-ish paper on one of the most important question of our time—why some women’s brains are addled by celebrities and shoes”

Celebrities and Shoes on the Female Brain: The Neural Correlates of Product Evaluation in the Context of Fame:

Celebrity endorsement is omnipresent. However, despite its prevalence, it is unclear why celebrities are more persuasive than (equally attractive) non-famous endorsers. The present study investigates which processes underlie the effect of fame on product memory and purchase intention by the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging methods. We find an increase in activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex (mOFC) underlying the processing of celebrity-product pairings. This finding suggests that the effectiveness of celebrities stems from a transfer of positive affect from celebrity to product. Additional neuroimaging results indicate that this positive affect is elicited by the spontaneous retrieval of explicit memories associated with the celebrity endorser. Also, we demonstrate that neither the activation of implicit memories of earlier exposures nor an increase in attentional processing is essential for a celebrity advertisement to be effective. By explaining the neural mechanism of fame, our results illustrate how neuroscience may contribute to a better understanding of consumer behavior.

In psychology, the word “affect” refers to the experience of feeling or emotion. So, the reason celebrities effectively make us buy stuff is that we transfer the positive emotions we have towards those celebrities to the products.

Which begs the question: Do people hate their forebears so much that we never take their advice, especially when shopping?

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