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QOTD2: Post 101 Edition

Commenter on seeing a picture of Tom Friedman’s house:

It’s just "another" example in a loooooong list of examples of Progressive/Liberal/Socialist hypocrisy. BTW, a progessive is the same thing as a liberal is the same thing as a socialist. There’s absolutely no difference in their political idealogy. I’m not going to squeeze Fascist in to that group but there does exist some striking similarities there as well. And guess what peeps, Hitler started with what was it again, oh yeah, healthcare. Then he declared the crisis so great that he had to dissolve the government and become "Fuhrer" in order to hasten decision making and reduce partisanship… Say it ain’t so Joe!

I’m not Joe, but it ain’t so.


Sarah Palin responding to yesterday’s North Korean attack:

"We gotta stand with our North Korean Allies”



Yes, it is my 101st post yes, I have not contributed anything useful to the internet 101 times and yes, it is a reference to Room 101.

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