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Don’t avoid the deer!

hazard warning sign seen in places where deer are most likely

Will your insurance company pay out if you were involved in a collision (with a tree/pole/another car) after swerving to avoid an animal? [Yeah, random things enter my head all the time]. My thoughts were they’d make the driver take most of the hit since he/she* had the choice between hitting the animal and swerving – potentially more costly if you collided with another car.

After some Googling, I found some advice from The AA (corroborated on other sites). Their advice:

"At 60 miles per hour, hitting a deer is serious – not just for the animal but car occupants as well. A natural reaction is to try to avoid the collision but as a result, drivers may miss the deer and hit other vehicles or trees which could be even worse…”

Try to avoid swerving – hitting a tree or an oncoming car could be worse than hitting the deer

Which, I think, is safety information to reduce the chance of fatalities occurring.

As regards insurance, I think they’d pay for repairs but you’d lose any benefits you had:

Around 6 per cent of all claims involve missing the deer and hitting either other vehicles or most commonly, trees.

"That high cost tells its own tale," Douglas adds. "Cars can easily be written off in a collision with a deer and car occupants are often injured. Not only that, an increase in premium is likely to follow as some or all of any no-claim bonus will be lost, unless it’s protected."


* Choosing “he/she” was a weirdly difficult choice. “He” would have led to complaints of sexism, as would “she” – “Are you saying women are bad drivers?” Not worth the hassle… although no one reads this.

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