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QOTD: American politics is so infantile Edition

So American politicians again accomplished something (until it’s stopped in Congress). President Obama and Republican Congressmen have brokered a deal on the Bush tax cuts and additional stimulus (Ezra Klein, my go-to-guy, thinks it’s better than expected). You can see more reactions to it here.


But what I really love is this quote (bold) in what is a very good post on the strategy behind the negotiations:

In all these cases, Republicans have argued that it’s not the policies they oppose — it’s that Democrats aren’t paying for them. But perhaps the most important enabler of the deal is that Republicans don’t care about paying for them, either. The basic deal was that if the Obama White House would give the Republicans their unpaid-for tax cuts, Republicans would give the Obama White House their unpaid-for tax cuts.



I have some observations on Obama’s “socialist” problem but right now (which is when I wrote this, not right now) I’m off to finish an essay.

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