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QOTD: American politics is so infantile Edition

So American politicians again accomplished something (until it’s stopped in Congress). President Obama and Republican Congressmen have brokered a deal on the Bush tax cuts and additional stimulus (Ezra Klein, my go-to-guy, thinks it’s better than expected). You can see more reactions to it here.


But what I really love is this quote (bold) in what is a very good post on the strategy behind the negotiations:

In all these cases, Republicans have argued that it’s not the policies they oppose — it’s that Democrats aren’t paying for them. But perhaps the most important enabler of the deal is that Republicans don’t care about paying for them, either. The basic deal was that if the Obama White House would give the Republicans their unpaid-for tax cuts, Republicans would give the Obama White House their unpaid-for tax cuts.



I have some observations on Obama’s “socialist” problem but right now (which is when I wrote this, not right now) I’m off to finish an essay.

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QOTD2: Post 101 Edition

Commenter on seeing a picture of Tom Friedman’s house:

It’s just "another" example in a loooooong list of examples of Progressive/Liberal/Socialist hypocrisy. BTW, a progessive is the same thing as a liberal is the same thing as a socialist. There’s absolutely no difference in their political idealogy. I’m not going to squeeze Fascist in to that group but there does exist some striking similarities there as well. And guess what peeps, Hitler started with what was it again, oh yeah, healthcare. Then he declared the crisis so great that he had to dissolve the government and become "Fuhrer" in order to hasten decision making and reduce partisanship… Say it ain’t so Joe!

I’m not Joe, but it ain’t so.


Sarah Palin responding to yesterday’s North Korean attack:

"We gotta stand with our North Korean Allies”



Yes, it is my 101st post yes, I have not contributed anything useful to the internet 101 times and yes, it is a reference to Room 101.

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QOTD: One-Sentence Takedown Edition

via Salon, Moe Tkacik on Howard Kurtz:

I wish I had the bile in me today to go advanced menstrual on Howie, who was a decisively early adopter of all the traits—fatuousness, near-religious myopia, imperviousness to basic comprehension, dogged almost-Confucian commitment to churning out colorless text in such reliably prodigious volume every single gosh darn bleeping day that any of his editors who are not in a coma already are probably still too overwhelmed combing it all for copy editing errors to notice how extraordinarily awful he is—the "journalism" business would later come to deify.

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Winner; Who can get the most “isms” in one-sentence quote?

“There is an environment of unilateralism and bilateralism, laced with contributions of isolationism and parochialism”

said Mr Charles Dallara as he called for a new global currencies deal.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Chinese consumption edition

The Chinese people consume around the same quantity of goods and services as France, a country with one-twentieth the population.

Foreign Policy  on why China needs to revalue the Yuan even though it won’t.

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